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Ceredigion Physical Activity Action Plan 2007-2011

CeredigionActivityPlanThis document has been developed to help increase physical activity levels and contribute to building Healthy and Active Communities in Ceredigion. It is pleasing to see a joined up approach by a range of partners in Ceredigion, answering the challenge set by The Welsh Assembly's Strategy, 'Climbing Higher'.

pdficon.gif icon Ceredigion Physical Activity Action Plan 2007-2011 [6.7Mb]

Compiling a Physical Activity Action Plan is a priority in Ceredigion's Health Social Care and Well-being Strategy. Physical activity not only makes us feel better, but also contributes to the prevention and management of over 20 conditions and diseases including coronary heart disease and weight management.

In terms of physical activity in Ceredigion there is already a lot of good work taking place. There are many people involved in increasing physical activity for people of all ages. This includes infrastructure, training, provision of information, communication, transportation, new facilities and better use of existing provision. This Plan will draw all these strands together. It is up to all of us to get involved and take Action on Activity in Ceredigion.