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Her Iechyd Cymru - Health Challenge Wales

Health and Well Being

On these pages you'll find information and advice on health and well being issues  in the county. Health Challenge Ceredigion is part of Health Challenge Wales.  Use the links below for more information or visit

We aim to promote the health and well being of members of our communities as well as that of visitors to the area.  These pages offer information and advice on a large range of topics and health-related issues that can affect people's everyday lives - including alcohol, smoking and sun safety. 

Most of the content for this section has been moved to our new website.  The remaining content will be moved in due course. Sorry of any inconvenience caused.


c4l small
Change4Life aims to help families eat well, move more and live longer.

Prove Your Age
This site is for children and young people and provides a range of information.

Health Challenge Ceredigion aims to promote both free and costed health and lifestyle events across the county.

Food & Nutrition – fruit basket
Eating the right foods are all part of a healthy lifestyle.

Health Improvement – stairs
The Health Improvement team are actively involved in a wide range of campaigns and programmes, details of which can be accessed here.

Personal Safety – ladder
We all need to be more aware of personal safety issues and how a healthy lifestyle, social responsibility and good citizenship all play their part.

Physical Activity – dog
Keeping active is important if we want to keep fit and well. This section has information of how active we are in Ceredigion. It also contains links to the county council's Leisure and coast and countryside services.

Sexual Health
This part of the website gives information on the Ceredigion Condom Card scheme and details of clinics and pharmacies that can offer advice.

About a quarter of adults in Ceredigion smoke. Support is available to assist those wanting to quit smoking. These pages also contain information on the law related to banning smoking in public places.