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Biographies K-M


Kean, Gregory
Atgofion 41 mlynedd, 21/4/1911, p. 2, c. F


Ladd, Private Dan (Cardigan)
From far off Egypt, 8/10/1915, p. 5, c. b

Ladd, Capt. W. H.
His ship S.S. Adenwen sunk by German Submarine, 18/3/1915, p. 5, c. C

Leeds, William Henry Montague (Tenby)
New High Sheriff for Pembrokeshire, 19/3/1920, p. 6, c. C

Lewes, (Llysnewydd Family)
Historical notes No. 3, 14/6/1867, p. 1, c. G

Lewes, Brig-Gen. Charles G (Felinfach)
Wounded, 22/3/1918, p. 3, c. C

Lewes, Evelyn (Ty Glyn Aeron, Authoress)
An appreciation by Herbert N. Vaughan, 23/7/1926, p. 3, c. D

Lewes, Mary L (Ty Glyn Aeron)
Stranger than fiction. Being tales from by ways of ghosts and folklore, 3/11/1911, p. 8, c. E, F

Lewes, William (Llysnewydd)
Coming of age, 8/9/1899, p. 5, c. E, F

Lewis, B. T. (Crymych)
Letters of a 'tommy' by Ben, 26/7/1918 (then every week until 28/2/1919, p. 1, c. F

Lewis, Dr. Bevan (Cardigan, Medical Superintendent of Wakefield Asylum)
Conjoint paper delivered to Royal Society on the 'Cortical Lamination of the motor area of the brain', 15/2/1878, p. 4, c. D

Lewis, D. J.
Invited to undertake the pastoral oversight of the English Calvanistic Methodist Church, Mountain Ash, 7/6/1895, p. 5, c. B

Lewis, Alderman Edward (J.P., Llandysul)
Made honorary ovate of the gorsedd in recognition of part played in publication of Welsh Books, 1/7/1955, p. 1, c. C

Lewis, Rev. Emanuel (1826-1887, Pastor of Penybont Church)
40th anniversary of his death, 15/7/1927, p. 8, c. D

Lewis, Councillor Fred (Cardigan)
Mayor elect of Cardigan 14/3/1952, p. 1, c. D, E
New mayor of Cardigan takes over office, 23/5/1952, p. 1, c. A, B, p. 5, c. C, E

Lewis, Dr. Gomer
Will 27/11/1914, p. 5, c. E

Lewis, J. (Headmaster of Moylgrove Council School, 1873-1919)
Presentation on his retirement, 2/1/1920, p. 5, c. A, B

Lewis, Rev. J. (Cardigan)
Invited to become pastor of Welsh Baptist Church, Cefnmawr, North Wales, 6/3/1896, p. 5, c. D

Lewis, Lieut-Col. J. Evans
Awarded the D.S.C., 20/6/1919, p. 5, c. F; p. 7, c. B

Lewis, Private James (Felindre Drefach)
Awarded the Nilitary Medal, 23/11/1917, p. 3, c. C

Lewis, John (Ifan Mynyw, Tregaron)
Article in the Traethodydd (May 1900) by Rev. J. M. Morgan, 20/4/1900, p. 4, c. C

Lewis, Alderman John (Meiros Hall)
Awarded the C.B.E., 17/1/1919, p. 3, c. C
New Chairman of Newcastle Emlyn Board of Guardians, 30/4/1909, p. 6, c. D
Re-elected Chairman of Newcastle Emlyn Board of Guardians, 18/5/1917, p. 7, c. A

Lewis, Rev. John H.
Late Curate of Llandygwydd, 21/11/1884, p. 4, c. F

Lewis, Rev. L. G. (Newport)
Mayor for a second year, 28/10/1955, p. 1, c. F; 18/11/1955, p. 5, c. C, D

Lewis, Lieut. T. Arthur (Glanrhyd)
M.P. for Pontypridd, 10/1/1919, p. 3, c. D

Lewis, Colour-Sergeant Thomas (Cardigan)
Return home from Bisley. Magnificent reception, 31/7/1903, p. 5, c. B
Splendid shooting siccess and Bisley, 24/7/1903, p. 5, c. F

Lewis, Titus
Arloeswyr Cymru Fu, 26/6/1936, p. 2, c. B, C

Lewis, W. (J.P.)
Retirement as manager of the Brecon Old Bank, Cardigan, 4/10/1912, p. 8, c. B

Lewis, William (Headmaster of the County School)
Presentation and tribute at Llandysul after 30 years service, 16/4/1926, p. 3, c. D

Lewis, Lance-Corporal William (Cardigan)
Wounded five times, 10/5/1918, p. 3, c. D

Lewis, Private Willie (Newport)
Awarded the Military Medal, 5/10/1917, p. 3, c. G

Lewis, William D. (Registered shoeing smith, Llechryd)
New invention – an improved and ajustable horseshoe, 7/10/1910, p. 5, c. F

Lewis, Lance-Corporal William George (Adpar)
Wounded, 24/5/1918, p. 3, c. C

Lodwick, Private Titus (Cardigan)
His experiences at Mons Soissons and Aisne, 5/2/1915, p. 3, c. D

Longcroft, Captain (Llanina Estate)
Presentation, 10/8/1877, p. 1, c. G

Longcroft, Capt. C. A. H. (Cardigan)
New flying record, 5/9/1913, p. 3, c. B

Longcroft, Brigader-General C. A. H. (New Quay)
Awarded the Air Force Cross, 31/1/1919, p. 1, c. F
Promoted to Major-General, 16/11/1917, p. 3, c. B

Lowther, F. L. (Cardigan, Headmaster of Milford Haven County School)
Retiring after 40 years teaching, 10/10/1930, p. 1, c. F

Lowther, Lancelot (Manager of the Cardigan Mercantile Company)
Photograph and brief sketch of his career, 27/9/1901, p. 5, c. C, D

Lynn-Thomas, Sir John (Stradmore, Cardigan)
Celebrations of his sixtieth birthday, 16/9/1921, p. 1, c. C
Knighted, 10/1/1919, p. 1, c. E
The need of organisation for the relief of civilian limbless cases in the World, 15/4/1921, p. 3, c. C, D
Will provides fund to purchase Llwyndyrys for Wales, 5/1/1940, p. 1, c. B

Llewelyn, Corporal E. D. (Newport)
Awarded the Military Medal, 18/10/1918, p. 3, c. D

Llewelyn, J. R. (J.P.)
Career of a Cardigan boy – biography, 29/11/1929, p. 5, c. E

Lloyd, Bishop (Llanarth, Master of Friar's Grammar School, Bangor)
Tablet erected by old boys, 19/12/1902, p. 4, c. F

Lloyd, Colonel (Son of Rev. P. Lloyd, Troedyraur Rectory)
Praised by Commandant Viljoen for courage in the Boer War, 12/12/1902, p. 5, c. D

Lloyd, Miss (Bronwydd)
Coming of age, 2/11/1900, p. 5, c. D

Lloyd, David (Cardigan)
New J.P. for Cardigan, 3/9/1920, p. 1, c. B

Lloyd, Edward Howard (Coedmore Estate)
Celebrating his majority, 9/2/1934, p. 6, c. C, D
Celebrating the birth of a son and heir, 21/3/1913, p. 8, c. A

Lloyd, Sir Herbert (Peterwell)
15/2/1918, p. 1, c. E, F

Lloyd, Rev. Joseph (Curate for Llangoedmor and Bridell)
Testimonial on his leaving for Llanpumpsaint, 11/5/1877, p. 4, c. G

Lloyd, Sir Marteine O. M. (Bronwydd)
Dinner to the poor at Kilrhue to commemorate his approaching marriage, 26/10/1878, p. 4, c. G
Golden wedding celebrations, 9/11/1928, p. 3, c. A-F
Lineage, 5/12/1902, p. 5, c. a
Majority, 9/2/1872, p. 1, c. E. G; 16/2/1872, p. 1, c. F
Memorial porch unveiled at Newport, 18/12/1936, p. 1, c. C, D
Return of Sir Marteine and Lady Lloyd to Bronwydd, 15/11/1878, p. 4, c. F, G

Lloyd, Captain Marteine Kemes Arundel (Bronwydd)
Cat and the Welsh Officr, 1/1/1915, p. 5, c. F
Coming of age, 3/2/1911, p. 5, c. E; 10/2/1911, p. 6, c. C; 17/2/1911, p. 8, c. A, E; 24/2/1911, p. 5, c. C, D
Killed in action, 30/10/1914, p. 5, c. C
Memorial service at Llangynllo, 3/11/1916, p. 5, c. B
Memorial service at Newport, 27/10/1916, p. 5, c. D
Memorial window unveiled at Llangynllo Church, 12/12/1919, p. 1, c. C, D
Return to Bronwydd, 18/12/1914, p. 7, c. A
Saved by a cat, 11/12/1914, p. 5, c. C
War Office mistake – alive and well, 6/11/1914, p. 5, c. C

Lloyd, Thomas Edward (M.P. for Cardiganshire)
Attendances at Parliament, 18/12/1874, p. 4, c. D
Cardiganshire Toryism on the war path, 2/2/1877, p. 4, c. D,E
On a Welsh Education Grant, 25/7/1879, p. 4, c. D
Portrait published by Beynon and Co. Art Publishers of Cheltenham, 12/6/1874, p. 1, c. G
Will, 17/12/1909, p. 5, c. D

Lloyd, Capt. W. (St. Dogmaels)
Diamond wedding celebrations, 18/3/1927, p. 1, c. B

Lloyd Davies, Dr. D. (Blaenporth)
Appointed District Medical Officer to the Cardigan Board of Guardians, 26/9/1919, p. 1, c. C, D

Lloyd Davies, Lieut. John Wharton (Haverfordwest)
Awarded the D.C.M. for bravery in France, 27/10/1916, p. 5, c. D

Lloyd-Evans, J. D. (Tregaron)
Aoointed Conservative agent for Cardiganshire, 13/1/1928, p. 3, c. E

Lloyd George, D. (Prime Minister)
Premier accepts the Freedom of Cradigan Borough, 10/1/1919, p. 1, c. E

Lloyd George, Major Gwilym (M.P. Pembrokeshire)
Maiden speech in the House of Commons, 14/3/1924, p. 3, c. D

Lloyd, Bridget of Clydey
Will of Mrs Bridget Llwyd, Dole Llanerch, Clydey, 1713, 18/3/1921, p. 6, c. D

Llwyd Williams, Sec-Lieut. H.(Fishguard)
Wounded, 3/5/1918, p. 3, c. C


Marlet, Ernest Edmund Henry (Earl of Lisburne)
Appointed H.M. Lieutenant of the county of Cardigan, 4/1/1924, p. 1, c. E

Mason, Lieut. Donald S. (Pembroke Dock, member of Shackleton's Expedition to the South Pole)
Wounded, 30/11/1917, p. 3, c. C

Mathias, D
Resigned his position as Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths of the no. 1 district of the Cardigan Union, 2/11/1906, p. 5, c. A

Mathias, Capt. David (J.P., former Mayor of Newport)
3/11/1911, p. 5, c. D

Mathias, Evan Evans (Cardigan)
New J.P. for Carmarthenshire, 23/1/1914, p. 6, c. C

Mathias, Major F. M. (Cardigan)
Awarded the D.S.O., 8/2/1918, p. 3, c. B

Mathias, Mrs. G. H. (Cardigan)
Awarded the 'Medaille de la Reine Elizabeth' by the King of Belgium, 28/6/1918, p. 3, c. B

Mathias, Rev. J. G. (Newcastle Emlyn)
Presentation on his departure from Kilvey, Swansea, 7/8/1914, p. 6, c. C

Mathias, Lance-Corporal J. S. (Cardigan)
Awarded the Military Medal, 15/11/1918, p. 2, c. G

Maurice, Andrew Herber (Headmaster of Newcastle Emlyn National School)
Presentation on his resignation as treasurer to the local branch of the N.U.T. after 22 years, 7/3/1913, p. 7, c. B
Resigning after 38 years service, 7/8/1925, p. 6, c. A; 25/12/1925, p. 1, c. C

McConnell, Adams, J. (Surveyor of Customs and Excise in the Cardigan District)
Presentation on the occasion of his promotion to Customs House, London, 16/4/1915, p. 6, c. D, E

Michael, W. L.
Appointed Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector of Newcastle Emlyn R.D.C., 7/11/1913, p. 3, c. D

Middleton, Hugh (1560-1631, owner of Cardiganshire 'Royal Mines')
A famous Welshman, 10/9/1920, p. 6, c. B, C

Miles, Lieutenant Charles Napier (Heir to the Priory Estate)
Return home from service in the Egyptian Campaign, 24/11/1882, p. 4, c. G

Miles, George Francis
Biography, 24/8/1923, p. 6, c. A, B
Exhibition of 3 paintings at the Royal Academy, 19/5/1882, p. 4, c. D
'Lost lowlands of Cardiganshire' – Cantref Gwaelod, 5/3/1880, p. 3, c. D, F
New picture of 'The Garden', 1/4/1881, p. 1, c. G
On his portrait of Lily Langtry, 31/5/1918, p. 1, c. F
Painting of 'Cenarth Falls', exhibited at the Council Chambers, 8/3/1878, p. 4, c. G; 15/3/1878, p. 4, c. F, G; 3/5/1878, p. 4, c. D
Recipient of Royal Academy's 'Turner Silver Medal' for his painting of Llangrannog, 19/12/1879, p. 4, c. D

Miles, Griffith Thomas (Headmaster of Llwynhirion Council School, Nevern)
Retirement, 8/7/1910, p. 8, c. C

Miles, Rev. Job
Resigns Pastorship of Baker Street Welsh Congregational Church, Aberystwyth, 25/10/1907, p. 8, c. E

Minister, Capt. Edward J. (Cardigan, master of the staemship 'Cetriana')
Saving the lives of American refugees in Mexico, 26/6/1914, p. 6, c. A-C

Morgan, Capt. (St. Dogmaels)
American honours to a Welsh Captain, awarded by President Roosevelt, 17/4/1903, p. 8, c. D

Morgan, Rev. Aaron (Pstor of Blaenffos Baptist Chapel)
Celebration of his 25 years as Pastor, 28/12/1917, p. 1, c. F
Lecture at Penbryn, 10/4/1896, p. 8, c. E
Present at Welsh Baptist Union meeting at Rhyl, 23/8/1895, p. 5, c. C
Retires after 27 years as minister, 30/4/1920, p. 7, c. C, D
Tystebu Aaron Morgan, 4/1/1918, p. 4, c. C
Young man – lecture at Blaenffos, 18/10/1895, p. 5, c. E

Morgan, Private Ben (Bridell)
Awarded the Military Medal, 7/12/1917, p. 3, c. D

Morgan, Rev. D. Watcyn (Llangyfelach)
To become Vicar of All Saints, Llanelli, 4/9/1903, p. 8, c. D

Morgan, Dafydd Jenkin (1752-1844)
Coffa Dafydd Soencyn Morgan, 5/10/1934, p. 2, c. E
Dadorchuddio cofadail Dafydd Siencyn Morgan, 28/9/1934, p. 2, c. C, D
Dafydd Jenkin Morgan, 26/7/1912, p. 2, c. C; 9/8/1912, p. 2, c. C
Gan D. Alltwen Jones, Drewen, 6/12/1932, p. 2, c. C, E

Morgan, Mrs David (Headmistress of the Infants of Cardigan Council School)
Presentation after 23 years, 11/7/1924, p. 1, c. B

Morgan, J. C. (Cardigan)
Chief Accountant for Wales under the National Insurance Act, 16/2/1912, p. 5, c. B

Morgan, Rev. J. Myfenydd (Vicar of St. Dogmnaels)
Address to the Cymmrodorion Society at Maesteg on 'Cardiganshire : the habits and customs of its inhabitants, 10/7/1903, p. 4, c. F
Appointed as Committee Member of the Pembrokeshire Association for the Preservation of Ancient Minuments, 17/3/1899, p. 5, c. F
Appointed as North Pembrokeshire representative of the Cambrian Archaeological Association, 3/12/1897, p. 8, c. A
Article in 'Cymru' for Jan. 1897 on 'Reminiscences of Liverpool', 15/1/1897, p. 8, c. C
Article in 'Y Geninen' – 'Bro fy Mebyd', 27/2/1903, p. 5, c. A
Article on the late Rev. Canon Williams, Rector of Llanfaelog, Anglesey, 18/7/1902, p. 6, c. B
Asked to be secretary of Cardigan and District Branch of the National Memorial to the late Daniel Owen (novelist), 13/12/1895, p. 5, c. D
Biography – allan o Papur Pawb, 27/9/1895, p. 8, c. D
Biography of Chancellor Silvan Evans, 26/2/1904, p. 5, c. B
Brief Biography, 22/3/1895, p. 5, c. F
Bro fy maboed, 1/7/1904, p. 6, c. B
Criticism of his lecture – 'awr gyda'r beirdd Cymreig', 17/1/1902, p. 6, c. A
Disclaimer, 29/11/1895, p. 5, c. F
His opinion of female beauty, 11/8/1899, p. 6, c. D
Invited to address public meeting on Church reform at Bangor, 13/3/1896, p. 5, c. F
It is said that the Rev. Morgan, vicar of St. Dogmaels and the Rev. Tudor Thomas, rector of Llanwrtyd Wells, are likely to exchange livings, 26/8/1898, p. 5, c. C
Lecture at Capel Tygwydd on – 'An hour with the Welsh poets', 3/7/1903, p. 5, c. D
Lecture at Newport on 'Dwy awr gyda'r beirdd Cymreig', 5/6/1903, p. 5, c. D
Lecture at Swansea, 20/10/1905, p. 5, c. D
Lecture on the late Dr. Silvan Evans at the Public Library, Swansea, 19/1/1906, p. 6, c. A
Lecture on 'The Welsh bards and their characteristics', 11/9/1903, p. 6, c. C
Library copy of Dr. Davies' Welsh – Latin dictionary, 19/2/1904, p. 4, c. E
Not offered living of Llanfihangel Genau;r Glyn, 29/11/1895, p. 5, c. F
Reaction to his 'opinion on female beauty', 1/9/1899, p. c.D
Refuses living of Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn, 22/11/1895, p. 6, c. C
St. David's day lecture, 6/3/1896, p. 5, c. D
To write a biography of the late Chancellor Silvan Evans, 5/6/1903, p. 5, c. F
Vicar of St. Dogmaels and the Church Reform meeting, 27/3/1896, p. 5, c. E

Morgan, John (Hendy)
Appointed chairman of Newcastle Emlyn R.D.C., 18/5/1928, p. 7, c. D

Morgan, Judge Lloyd, (West Wales District Council)
Resigning, 24/9/1926, p. 3, c. C

Morgan, Rev. Symlog (Pastor of Ebenezer, Newcastle Emlyn)
Presentation on his departure, 10/2/1922, p. 3, c. D

Morgan, Thomas (Newcastle Emlyn, choir leader)
Musical reminiscences, 16/4/1909, p. 7, c. A-C; 23/4/1909, p. 3, c. D-F

Morgan, Capt. Thomas (Cardigan)
Appointed to command of the 'Penarth', 27/12/1895, p. 4, c. F

Morgan, Judge Trevor
Retirement, 30/10/1964, p. 8, c. E

Morgan, Rev. W. ('Penfro', native of Nevern)
Memorial tablet unveiled at Nevern Church, 14/5/1920, p. 3, c. D

Morgan, William (Cilgerran)
'An appreciation', 30/11/1917, p. 1, c. D

Morgan-Richardson, C. E. D. (Mayor of Cardigan)
Breeding Shorthorns in Wales, 14/6/1895, p. 8, c. A-C
Creameries for South Wales, 12/11/1886, Supp.
Land question in Wales, 23/8/1895, p. 8, c. B
On the Welsh land commission, 13/11/1896, p. 8, c. C, D
Paper on 'a model dairy farm in Belgium, 21/2/1890, p. 1, c. E, F
Presentation of an address, 27/10/1899, p. 5, c. B, E
President-elect of the United Counties Agricultural Show for 1904, p. 12/12/1902, p. 4, c. E
Profitable farming, 20/3/1896, p. 5, c. D
Proposed United Counties Agricultural Show, 15/11/1895, p. 8, c. D, E
Review of his novel – 'Henry Vaughan', 21/1/1902, p. 8, c. A
Sketch and photograph in 'the Court Circular', 10/2/1900, p. 5, c. C
To contest the Cardiganshire election in the Union interest, 5/1/1906, p. 4, c. F
Will, 9/1/1914, p. 5, c. D

Morris, Rev. Ben (Brynberian)
Induction to the pastorate of Ebenezer Congregational Church, Newport, 9/7/1920, p. 6, c. C, D

Morris, Police-Superintendent D. G. ('Dafydd o Deifi', Manordeifi)
Retirement, 22/3/1929, p. 1, c. C

Morris, D. H. (Headmaster of Penmorfa School)
Retiring from headship of Penmorfa School after 23 years. Was also president of local N.U.T., 14/2/1930, p. 1, c. E; 2/5/1930, p. 7, c. C

Morris, Lance-Corporal George (Llandygwydd)
Recently promoted, 25/2/1916, p. 5, c. D

Morris, Rev. J. G. (Glynarthen)
Fiftieth anniversary of his ordination, biographical sketch, 28/7/1911, p. 5, c. D

Morris, John (tradesman, Betws Ifan)
Will, 15/3/1912, p. 5, c. F

Morris, Philip
Died in July 1773 at Cardigan. Ordered 31 calves heads to be given to the poor of Cardigan on St. Matthew's Day, 24/7/1896, p. 5, c. D

Morris, Ex-Sergeant William (Cilgerran)
Retirement presentation after 35 years service, 2/4/1920, p. 1, c. A, B