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Mission Statement

The public library is a major community facility whose purpose is to enable and encourage individuals or groups of individuals to gain unbiased access to books, information, knowledge and works of creative imagination which will:

  • Encourage their active participation in cultural, democratic and economic activities
  • Enable them to participate in educational development through formal or informal programmes
  • Assist them to make positive use of leisure time
  • Promote reading and literacy as basic skills necessary for active involvement in these activities
  • Encourage the use of information and an awareness of its value

The local and community nature of the service requires special emphasis to be placed on the needs and aspirations of the local community and on the provision of services for particular groups within it, while also providing access to wider resources through regional and national library networks.

The development of a network of branches and mobile libraries is an essential part of the structure of Ceredigion Library that allows the Authority to fulfil this mission.