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Llyfrgell Ceredigion provides books and resources for children of all ages and ability in order to promote literacy and research in the County's schools. Here is a little of what we can offer your school.

Topic Boxes

This is a valuable and useful resource for the classroom. We have a wide range of factual, non-fiction books, and we can create special packs on any subject for your class. We offer appropriate material for Infant and Junior ages. Some of our most popular themes at present are: The Celts, Space, The Second World War, Celebrations, Homes, Changing Materials and The Body.

Remember to contact us with your theme or topic in good time before the beginning of term. Each pack is created especially for the needs of your class or school. If you have a special request for a particular book, we will do our best to supply that request in your pack.

Fiction Book Boxes

We also offer termly boxes of Welsh and English reading books to your school. These boxes include a wide range of titles that are suitable for children of all ages. The boxes contain new titles as well as some old classics in both languages. If you have a special request for particular books to be included in the box, we will do our best to supply that request.

Author Boxes

If you are studying the works of some particular authors we can supply a collection of their books as well as information about them. Contact the Children's Librarian for more information.

Group Reading Boxes

We have a wide range of group reading books by some of the most popular Welsh authors for children. Contact the Children's Librarian for more information about what sets are available.

Artefact Boxes

This service is offered by Ceredigion Museum. Click here to see what resources they have to offer your school.


Class visits to the Library

You are welcome to bring your class to visit any library in Ceredigion. Friendly members of staff there will be ready to

  • explain how to join the Library and what resources are available there
  • explain how to find books and information in the Library
  • encourage children to enjoy stories and reading
  • give the opportunity to the children to look at the books in stock or to listen to a story

Contact your local library to find out more or to arrange a visit.

Staff visits to Schools, Nursery Schools and Playgroups

Library staff are always willing to visit schools, nursery schools and playgroups to talk about the Library Service or to take part in activities involving reading or literacy. Visits could include

  • an introduction to the public library – how to join and what resources are available there
  • a discussion about books and reading habits
  • time to look at different kinds of books and to listen to stories

We are naturally willing to arrange any kind of library activity that fits in with your school's needs.

Library staff are also available to be present in parents' evenings to discuss with parents the importance of reading with their children and the benefits for their children of being members of the Public Library.

Contact the Children's Librarian for more information or to arrange a visit to your school.

For further information, contact:

Mrs Delyth Huws (Childrens and Schools Librarian),

Ground Floor, Glanyrafon Depot, Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth SY23 3JQ 

Tel (01970 633720)