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Mobile Libraries, Housebound and Carers' Services

Mobile Libraries

Mobile, Housebound and Carers' Services

The Library Service operates three Mobile Libraries, they visit villages and farms in Ceredigion. The village mobile visit once every 4 weeks and the mini mobiles once a month (except during August).

If you do not live in a village, you can ask for the Mobile Library to call at your home - contact Aberystwyth Library (Tel 01970 633717) for details.

If you are housebound you can apply to have books and other resources brought to your home. If you are a registered carer you can apply to have books delivered to your home. Contact the library service headquarters on 01970 633717, or at Ceredigion Library, Aberystwyth, Canolfan Alun R. Edwards, Queen's Square, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 2EB for more information.

Take a look at our Carers' Booklist, compiled in partnership with Ceredigion Carers Development Office, Social Services.

Browse our Better Read booklist pdficon.gif icon Better Read booklist / Rhestr lyfrau Gwell wrth Ddarllen [532kb]