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Linc y Canolbarth

Lending scheme between Ceredigion Public Library and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth


Access to over a million books from Fiction @ Ceredigion Library to Textbooks @ UWA

  • Reserve as required
  • Up to 5 books at any one time
  • Allow 2/3 days for delivery
  • Loan period 3 weeks
  • No Reservation fee.
  • Certain items may not be borrowed: Short loan books, rare books, valuable books.
  1. Choose 'My Personal Page', enter your Ceredigion Library reader card number and pincode 'ceredig'. If ceredig does not work choose 'Password Incorrect?' and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Chose 'New Search'.
  3. Choose 'Public Library and University of Wales, Aberystwyth collections'.
  4. Click in the Yellow box.
  5. Enter a search term: author, title or subject and click on Search.
  6. Choose the relevant book to obtain the full details, either by clicking on the title or clicking on the square above the yellow box and choosing 'View selected item'.
  7. Highlight the full details and use the copy and paste function [either Edit-copy and Edit-paste OR Control and C followed by Control and V] to insert the book details into Linc y Canolbarth- Messages to the Library. Choose 'My Personal Page' and choose Linc y Canolbarth-Messages to the Library.
  8. Add the name of the branch you wish the book to be sent. Your reader card number will tell us your name and address details.
  9. Click on 'Send Message'.
  10. 'Message successfully sent to the Library' will confirm that an e-mail has been sent on to Ceredigion Library.

You will be notified once the book is ready for you to pick up at the named branch.