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Recent Acquisitions

Flintlock Pistlols

A Pair of Flintlock Pistols

This pair of flintlock pistols were owned by the Pryse family of Gogerddan; they are decorated with the families crest and motto 'Duw Anbendithio'.
The Pryses of Gogerddan traced their lineage back to Gwaethfod, Lord of Cardigan, circa 1057. They settled at Gogerddan in the first half of the fourteenth century.
By 1776 the estate comprised some 30,000 acres in Cardiganshire alone, with other land in Pembrokeshire, Merionethshire and Breconshire. It was Margaret Pryse and Edward Loveden's son Pryse Loveden (1774-1849) who inherited Gogerddan and Buscot. He took the surname Pryse by royal licence in 1798.

The pistols were made by the gunsmiths Griffin and Tow, circa 1775; the silver work is stamped with the mark of John King of London.

It is not known if any duels were fought with these pistols.

The pistols are on display at Ceredigion Museum.
Ceredigion Museum 2012.25.1

Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork Quilt

This patchwork quilt was made by five sisters who used to live at Goginan Post Office.
The quilt is padded with very thin wool fleece. A variety of floral patterned cotton and sateen prints have been used differing in size and shape to achieve the symmetrical.
The floral patterns of the fabrics used are beautiful in colour and design.

This quilt is being displayed at a Quilt Exhibition in Jersey, and will be on view as part of Ceredigion Museum's Quilt Exhibition in 2013.
Ceredigion Museum 2011.132.1

Lifeboat Model

Model Lifeboat

This model of a lifeboat was built by Ceredigion local Mr Ivor Edwards in the 1960s. Mr Edwards served an apprenticeship at the Trefechan boatyard.

The Trefechan boatyard made lifeboats for the ships built by Cammell Laird; one of the famous names in British shipbuilding during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This lifeboat is a scale model of the boats Mr Edwards built at Trefechan.

The model will be on view at Ceredigion Museum as part of the Seafaring Display.
Ceredigion Museum 2012.67.1