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New Approaches

Exciting news for Ceredigion!
Have you noticed that work has begun in the old Boots building, on the corner of Terrace Road and Portland Street in Aberystwyth? Over the next year it will become the beautiful new home of the Tourist Information Centre and the entrance to Ceredigion Museum, plus a café and shop.

The ambitious new development is called New Approaches, and building work began in August, following four years of hard work behind the scenes. The £1.3million project is funded primarily by the Heritage Lottery Fund, along with donations from Ceredigion County Council, Friends of the Museum, and various other trusts and foundations.
The jewel in the crown
Aberystwyth’s hidden gem will soon become the jewel in the crown. Did you know that the biggest artifact in Ceredigion Museum’s collection is the Edwardian, Grade II listed building itself?

Aberystwyth’s beautiful and eclectic Coliseum was built in 1904. It was a theatre until 1932, then a cinema until 1977. Then the pigeons moved in, until it became the home of Ceredigion Museum in 1982. This building project will leave the existing Grade II listed Coliseum more-or-less as it is, but work on making it more accessible and welcoming, with a big and beautiful new ground-floor presence, taking over from the current steep red steps.

“The Coliseum holds fond memories for a huge number of people in the town and county and our New Approaches project is busy trying to capture some of those memories before they are lost in time”.

Alice Briggs
Assistant curator

“We are building a welcoming space to draw people into the timeless charm of the museum, as it was as the Coliseum picture house and as it will be: a place for people to gather, to create and get involved”.

Jenny Hall
The work so far
Demolition work has been carried out, including opening up the bricked up courtyard/lightwell in the centre of the building. Stage two is in progress, which includes cellar repairs, while digging the foundations for a new lift shaft that will climb the whole height of the four-storey building. Over the next months the building will undergo some big changes as the new internal courtyard is formed and the interior spaces will start to take shape.
Old Boots
The premises known locally as ‘Old Boots’ has a long history. It was a pharmacy as far back as 1866, and Boots the chemist took up residency in 1934, where it had a lending library on the first floor. Before that, from 1910, there was a Boots in the arcade below the Coliseum.

‘Old Boots’ on Terrace Road is a typical example of Aberystwyth’s historic town centre; it’s changed very little since the 1930s. The New Approaches development will make the most of these original features, bringing history to life.
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