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Older People's Accommodation Needs Survey, Ceredigion County Council 2011

Ceredigion County Council is developing plans for older people's services. It is anticipated there will be an increase of almost 6,000 people of pension age living in the county over the next 20 years. The total of 25,200 people in this age group will represent 27.8% of the population of Ceredigion.

Not only are more people living longer, but they will also be hoping to maintain their independence as part of an active retirement. A new approach to the provision of accommodation and support is thus required if the aspirations of older people are to be addressed effectively.

By asking for the opinions of the people of Ceredigion, irrespective of their current age group or needs, we will be able to measure and forecast the long-term future demand for a range of accommodation options and related support services.

We are, therefore, carrying out a consultation with residents of the county in order to gather information about their requirements and expectations for the future in relation to accommodation/support.

We hope you can spare a few minutes to complete this questionnaire for us. Your response will contribute to our overall survey and provide us with valuable information for future planning.

Older People's Accommodation Needs Survey: