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Friends of Ceredigion Museum Committee 2016-2017

President: Mrs Mona Morris

Chairman: Dr Lionel Madden

Treasurer: Mrs Kate Beech

Secretary: Mrs Orian Hopkin
                   01970 615087

Members: Mrs Cecilia Barton, Dr Susan Davies, Mrs Kay Edwards, Mr Keith Lewis, Mrs Patricia Morgan, Revd John M Prothero, Dr Marie Wasdell, Mrs Ann Williams.

Co-opted Members: Mrs Elenid Thomas, Mrs Margaret Fitches.

Ex-officio Members:

The Curator – Ms Carrie Canham

Assistant Curator – Ms Alice Briggs

The Chief Executive, Ceredigion County Council

Ceredigion County Council Cultural Services representative

Ceredigion Historical Society representative

Ceredigion Archivist

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Ceredigion Museum is usually held in November at the Coliseum. It includes the annual accounts and a report by the Curator.

Tea is kindly provided by the Chairman of Ceredigion County Council

Museum: 01970 633088