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Ceredigion Library Users' Charter

Users' Charter

Ceredigion Library Users Charter

  • Ceredigion Library welcomes any individual who lives or works in the county to become a member of the library service.
  • Ceredigion Library aims to provide a broad range of books and other items in English and Welsh for all sections of the community.
  • If a book is not immediately available on the shelves Ceredigion Library will, for a nominal charge, reserve, buy or borrow a copy from another library.
  • Internet access and other computer facilities at Ceredigion Library's static service points will be free.
  • All requests for information at Ceredigion Library will be dealt with promptly.
  • Opening hours of branch libraries at Ceredigion Library will be adjusted to suit the local community.
  • Mobile library network will ensure that people living in the rural areas will not have to travel long distances to secure a library service.
  • All Ceredigion Library staff will treat you with courtesy and consideration.
  • Ceredigion Library welcomes suggestions on how to improve the service.

Helping us to help you.
Please take care of library materials and return them promptly.