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Animal Health & Welfare

The Animal Health Section works to improve the health and welfare of livestock within Ceredigion.

Sheep, Pig, Cow

This is done through:

  • On-Farm Inspections
  • Attendance at Markets and Slaughterhouses
  • Investigation of all complaints about farm animal health and welfare
  • Investigations into movement standstill breaches
  • Investigations into tagging breaches
  • Roadside checks
  • Education and advice
  • Working with outside Agencies and other Local Authorities

 Follow the links below to access guidance and information on a number of animal health topics.

New Keeper Picture
Information & Guidance for new keepers to livestock

Set of tags
Information & Rules on Sheep, Goat, Cattle and Pig Identification

Standstill Rules Picture
Rules and guidance on 6 and 20 day standstills & exemptions

Movement Docs + Reporting Movements Picture
Sheep, Goat, Pig, Deer and Cattle Movement Documents and Guidance

Inspections Picture
Information about Welfare and Inspections

Food Chain Information Forms & Guidance

Information about the Disposal of Carcasses & Private Slaughtering

Information on who needs Transporter Authorisation and how to apply for it

Contact details: Phone/Fax/e-mail/address