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A spectacular venue for hire

The Coliseum is available for hire for meetings, receptions and special events.

It will only be available if:

  • the spaces required are suitable for the event
  • the spaces required are not occupied by a special exhibition
  • museum staff are available at the relevant times
  • the event does not involve closure of all or part of the building during normal opening hours, except under exceptional circumstances, or by agreement well in advance of the event.

The Coliseum has:

  • an Entertainment Licence
  • a Fire Certificate
  • sensitive smoke detectors
  • a stage with easy access and good acoustics
  • a lift to all floors (but access after normal opening hours to the street needs to be arranged in advance)
  • a kitchen
  • a valuable collection of museum exhibits

As a result the hosts and guests are required to agree to the following rules:

  • The total number of people in the Coliseum at any one time must not exceed 100
  • No food to be consumed except in the art gallery (crisps and other dry snacks may be consumed on the main floor of the auditorium)
  • No drinks to be taken upstairs
  • No drink glasses or bottles to be put on museum objects
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the building, including the staircases and doorways.
  • All equipment, bottles, glasses etc used for food and drinks to be tidied away before the building is locked up.

The museum staff reserve the right to ask guests to leave if their behaviour is thought likely to become a danger to other guests, museum specimens or the building.

There are separate rules and guidelines for using the building for public performances and film shows.

Events at Ceredigion Museum


Please contact Carrie Canham or Alice Briggs for charges

01970 633088