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Cardigan Castle regeneration project

Ceredigion County Council acquired Cardigan Castle and Castle Green House in April 2003 to underpin a community-based approach to the regeneration of Cardigan.

Photo: Cardigan Castle © G.K.Johnson 2004

Update 28/06/12: New Funding Boost For Cardigan Castle

Castle Green is a fine example of a small early 19th Century house.  The house and grounds are contained within Rhys ap Gruffydd's Castle walls with the important Great North Tower incorporated into the 19th Century house. 

It is generally accepted that the Castle was the site of the first Eisteddfod in Wales.  Having successfully captured the site in 1165, Rhys ap Gruffydd began the building of a stone castle in 1171.  To celebrate the completion of building works in 1176 at Christmas Lord Rhys "held court there in splendour ......and he set two kinds of contest there: one between bards and poets, another between harpists and crowders and pipers and various classes of music craft.  And he had two chairs set for the victore".  This was the first National Eisteddfod.

Cardigan Castle 4

On the 23 March 2004 the Ceredigion County Council Cabinet received the exciting news that filming had been conducted by the BBC Restoration Programme for possible inclusion in a July broadcast.  The Castle was chosen from amongst 21 other buildings to be in the programme.  It ended up in the 8 top finalists in the series and also received an award as the programme with the highest percentage of votes, apart from the winner.

Cardigan Castle 3

 In response to the enormous public interest in the Castle being restored and maintained as a public asset, the project team has been progressing discussions with the view to transferring management of the site to an experienced Building Preservation Trust and to try to safeguard public access.  Following on from the highly successful open days and exhibition regarding the Castle, the dialogue with local people as stakeholders continued and all views are still welcomed.

A number of studies have been carried out including the identification of urgent and essential work.  In July 2003, the Authority made available a budget to ensure the safety and security of the property and the next task will be to erect scaffolding and a protective cocoon around the Castle Green building.  It is hoped that this will be in place within the next few months. 

Cardigan Castle 2

Ceredigion County Council is continuing to explore and evaluate a range of options in terms of cost and viability in order to present properly researched solutions for the castle's future to the people of Cardigan.

Cardigan Castle 1