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Visits to the Coliseum

Arranging a visit to the Coliseum; Talks; Work sheets; Handling collections in the Coliseum; Facilities for teachers and schools

All the services listed below are free to all Ceredigion schools.

Arranging a visit to the Coliseum

To make arrangements for visiting the Coliseum please phone CeredigionMuseum (01970) 633088

Talks in the Coliseum

Brief talks on particular subjects may be given by members of the museum staff.

In many cases, it is much more satisfactory to give these talks to small groups, so it may be necessary to split school parties into two or more groups and take turns to listen to the talk. Work sheets on specific subjects and on the museum displays in general are available for those not listening to the talks.

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Work sheets in the Coliseum

There are work sheets that are designed for particular displays and others that are designed for general use - for example, for groups who are waiting to hear a talk or do another worksheet.

Pencils and boards are provided by the museum.

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Facilities for teachers and schools in the Coliseum

Bags, coats and refreshments

There is a room on the main floor of the museum where school groups may leave their coats and bags and have refreshments. It will take up to 20 children.

Facilities for teachers

In the same room there will be facilities for teachers to see the work packs (those that are not out on loan), work sheets and other information for schools. Teachers will be welcome to use this room at any time between 10 am and 5 pm Monday to Saturday. Facilities for making tea and coffee and a first aid kit will be available.

Length of visit

We suggest that a visit is planned to last 1-1½ hours.

Unloading, loading and parking

Coaches may unload and load in Terrace Road. It is sometime possible to do this immediately outside the main entrance, or by the open area in front of the Tourist Information Centre. Coach drivers are expected to find a suitable parking space during the visit (there is a place for coaches near the Police Station on the road to Safeways).

The entrance

It is easier and safer for schools to enter the museum via the Tourist Information Centre which is open at the same time as the museum, except during the winter when it is closed between 1 and 2 pm. There is a bell on the door between Peacocks and Boots for those who arrive before 10 am. Once up the stairs from the Tourist Information Centre, the schools room is on the left, by the lift. If the door is locked, please ask the attendant to open it.

Other facilities

There is a lift for those who need it. Children who don't need to use the lift are requested to use the stairs. There are toilets on both sides of the stage. There is a toilet for those with special needs on the top floor.

The shop

There is a shop in the Museum which sells a variety of objects relating to items in the collection and pocket money items for children. There is also a range of books for sale, some of which relate to National Curriculum subjects.

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