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Schools' service

All the services listed below are free to all Ceredigion schools.

There are over 1000 illustrated pages of information about the museum displays and collections including a virtual tour of the museum on a separate site. See further

Visiting the Coliseum

Schools are welcome to visit the Coliseum at any time during normal opening hours (10 am - 5pm) but please make a booking in advance in order to avoid having too many schools in the building at once.The displays contain some objects that are rare or are too delicate, valuable or dangerous for loan to schools, so schools are strongly urged to make visits to the museum when studying a subject that is represented in the displays.  See further

The school room, Tregaron

There is a reconstructed school room in the old church school, Tregaron. It includes pupils' desks; a teacher's desk; blackboard; slates and slate pencils; a Welsh Not; a cane and some costumes for the girls to wear. Local volunteers are sometimes available to talk to the children or give a lesson in a Victorian style.
Tregaron Kite Centre and Museum

Llanon cottage

Schools may visit the thatched cottage at Llanon by appointment.  See further

Handling collections for loan to schools

There are boxes of objects which may be borrowed by schools for about two weeks. They are accompanied by illustrations and information for teachers, all of which are available on the web site. These contain several items which children may handle (unless otherwise stated). Their contents are restricted to items which are duplicates of items in the museums collection, safe to handle and small enough to keep in the pack. Teachers may photocopy any notes and illustrations in the pack.
Handling collections for loan to schools

Special projects

Occasionally, Ceredigion Museum arranges projects for schools relating to special exhibitions. All schools will be informed of these in advance.

Visits by museum staff to schools

Museum staff are not normally able to visit schools to give talks.