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Electricity, Gas, Sewage, Water, Wind Farms


Chiswick Electricity Supply Corporation LTD; All in domestic tariff for private residents, leaflet pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [272kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [407kb] 
Electric Lighting pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [639kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [431kb]
Evans, T; Electricity comes to Aberystwyth, Ceredigion XIII, 2000
pdficon.gif icon Photograph evokes memories of Manweb, Cambrian News, 19/3/2009 [325kb]
Will O'Whispers; pdficon.gif icon Bill Carbon's employer, Cambrian News, 19/10/1979 [497kb]
Will O'Whispers; Youngster saw hanged men, Cambrian News, 15/3/1974, P6.663.3BRE/DAV
Street Lights

pdficon.gif icon Residents win fight for better street lighting, Western Mail, 23/9/1989 [464kb]
pdficon.gif icon Dim street lights make students feel unsafe, Western Mail, 10/12/1997 [331kb] 
Councillor claims blackout will make crime easier, Cambrian News, 11/12/2008
Switch off plan should save council £250,000, Cambrian News, 15/1/2009 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [269kb]

Rheidol Hydro Electric Scheme
pdficon.gif icon Rheidol Hydro Electric Scheme, no date, typed manuscript [695kb]
Rheidol Hydro Electric Scheme, leaflet, no date pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [191kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [207kb]
Rheidol Hydro Electric Scheme, leaflet, no date pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [641kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [678kb]
Cyn boddi Nant y Moch, Blodau'r Ffair, 1957
pdficon.gif icon Falls may be removed, Cambrian News, 29/11/1957 [349kb]
pdficon.gif icon Farmers told of Hydro plans, Cambrian News, 1/2/1957 [767kb]
pdficon.gif icon Harbingers of Rheidol Scheme, Welsh Gazette, 5/9/1957 [512kb]
pdficon.gif icon Hydro Electric scheme starts at Ponterwyd, Cambrian News, 20/9/1957 [668kb]
Inquest probe into miners; death, Cambrian News, 11/9/1957 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [1.2Mb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [1.4Mb] 
pdficon.gif icon Photos of the Upper Dam and Intermediate Dam, Welsh Gazette, 11/7/1957 [776kb]
pdficon.gif icon Rheidol scheme in models, Welsh Gazette, 11/7/1957 [837kb]
pdficon.gif icon Work begins on Nantymoch, Cambrian News, 19/7/1957 [716kb]
pdficon.gif icon Artist's impression of the Dinas dam, Cambrian News, 5/1958 [454kb]
Hydro men killed in tunnel fall, Cambrian News, 4/9/1959, P68(2)
Last ceremony in doomed Chapel, Cambrian News, 12/8/1960, P68(2)
pdficon.gif icon Trotters trickle, Cambrian News, 3/6/1960 [607kb]
Central Electricity Generating Board; Rheidol Hydro Electric Scheme, booklet, 1967, P68(2)
Will O'Whispers; Bigger Nantymoch dam proposed, Cambrian News, 10/12/1971, P68(2)
pdficon.gif icon Peaceful valley....,Cambrian News, 25/6/1976 [947kb]
pdficon.gif icon CEGB makes trout farming pay at Rheidol Dam, Cambrian News, 9/7/1982 [1.3Mb]
pdficon.gif icon Cwm Rheidol – more than just a power station, Cambrian News, 17/8/1990 [765kb]
Daniels, Wyn; Damming of the Rheidol waters at Nant y Moch, Country Quest, Feb. 1994, P68(2)
Event marks Rheidol's 50 years of feeding power to the people, Cambrian News, 25/8/2011 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [695kb]


Aberteifi Gas Works
Cardigan Memories, Cardigan Tivyside, 27/10/2009 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [312kb] 

Aberystwyth Gas Company (Park Avenue)
Aberystwyth Gas, Petition against the Bill, 1898 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [423kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [685kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 3 [696kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 4 [573kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 5 [556kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 6 [359kb] 
Gas works pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [699kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [613kb]
Meet the men from the Gas Board, Cambrian News, 4/6/2009 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [669kb]
pdficon.gif icon Name these Aber Gasboard men, Cambrian News, 19/3/2009 [390kb]
Will O'Whispers; History of Aber Gasworks, Cambrian News, 29/11/1974 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [786kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [811kb]
Will O'Whispers; More about the old Gasworks, Cambrian News, 29/11/1974 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [769kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [796kb] 
pdficon.gif icon Contractors accused of hacking town's history away, Cambrian N, 21/7/1995 [1.6Mb]
pdficon.gif icon Writing's on the wall for sign firm, Cambrian News, 15/9/1995 [701kb] 


pdficon.gif icon Concern at sewage proposals, Cambrian News, 15/8/1996 [849kb](P1.628)
pdficon.gif icon Pledge to fight waste plant, Western Mail, 9/9/1996 [667kb](P1.628)
pdficon.gif icon Plan for sewage works held up as new row flares, Western Mail, 25/2/1997 [513kb](P1.628)

Aberystwyth Sewerage Works, Welsh Gazette, 4/7/1957 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [684kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [602kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 3 [749kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sewage rate 'sue me' challenge by ex-mayor, Western Mail, 28/11/1974 [226kb]
pdficon.gif icon Beaches are at risk in £5m sewer scheme, Western Mail, 31/10/1975 [270kb]
pdficon.gif icon Town fears pollution threat to tourism, Western Mail, 3/11/1975 [465kb]
pdficon.gif icon Flush out the 'cesspit in sea' plan says mayor, Western Mail, 22/5/1976 [415kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sewage 'flows into harbour', Western Mail, 4/7/1977 [202kb]
pdficon.gif icon Controversial protest poster goes on show today, Western Mail, 12/1/1978 [499kb]
pdficon.gif icon Objectors draw up sewage complaint, Western Mail, 7/4/1978 [313kb]
pdficon.gif icon Pipe plan is approved but the protests will go on, Western Mail, 28/7/1978 [354kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sea outfall backed, Western Mail, 28/6/1978 [244kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sewage plan objectors fail to get into hall, Western Mail, 18/1/1978 [547kb]
pdficon.gif icon Go ahead for £2m project, Western Mail, 3/11/1983 [319kb]
pdficon.gif icon Pumping station stays where it is, Cambrian News, 21/9/1984 [343kb]
pdficon.gif icon Vote to block bid to move pump station, Western Mail, 12/9/1984 [278kb]
pdficon.gif icon Get a load of this, Cambrian News, 18/4/1986 [787kb]
pdficon.gif icon Go ahead for anti flood sewer, Cambrian News, 18/4/1986 [295kb]
pdficon.gif icon Mudslinging over beach sludge plan, Cambrian News, 21/3/1986 [770kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sewage gushes into harbour, Cambrian News, 27/6/1986 [1.0Mb]
pdficon.gif icon Pipe planners think big, Cambrian News, 23/1/1987 [497kb]
pdficon.gif icon Traffic hold ups warning, Cambrian News, 20/3/1987 [657kb]
pdficon.gif icon Customers being driven away, Western Mail, 30/10/1989 [665kb]
pdficon.gif icon Popular sea haunt fails to meet EC standards, Western Mail, 9/6/1990 [494kb]
pdficon.gif icon Resort relaunches fight over outfall, Western Mail, 28/6/1990 [539kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sewer work to affect traffic, Western Mail, 11/9/1990 [337kb]
pdficon.gif icon Fountain of raw sewage blights top tourist beach, Western Mail, 18/6/1991 [738kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sewage fountain pollutes beach, Cambrian News, 21/6/1991 [640kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sewerage plan stinks, say environmentalists, Cambrian News, 11/10/1991 [369kb]

Davies, Donald; Sanitation, Water and Roads, Cardigan Tivyside, 4/11/1988; 11/11/1988; 25/11/1988; 2/12/1988; 9/12/1988, pdficon.gif icon Part 2 [954kb]pdficon.gif icon Part 3 [982kb]pdficon.gif icon Part 5 [959kb]pdficon.gif icon Part 6 [984kb]pdficon.gif icon Part 7 [1019kb] P4.363.3

Comins Coch
Sewage peril at school, Cambrian News, 8/3/1991, P21(2)
Two years on, council acts on sewage danger, Cambrian News, 29/3/1991, P21(2)

pdficon.gif icon Llanilar plant open, Cambrian News, 19/6/1981 [357kb]


Report of Mr Raffety,...on the water supplies of Cardiganshire, 1946, RC363.6
South Cardiganshire Water Board meeting minutes for 23/5/1956; 19/6/1956; 28/6/1956; 31/10/1956
Smooth water merger, Cambrian News, 26/7/1957, RC363.6
South Cardiganshire Water Board meeting minutes for 4/1/1957; 3/5/1957; 25/6/1957; 13/11/1957; 23/12/1957
Water Board deny 'disgusting' rumour, Cambrian News, 13/9/1957, RC363.6
Water rates going up, Welsh Gazette, 9/3/1957, RC363.6
Minutes of the South Cardiganshire Water Board meetings for 16/5/1958, 20/6/1958
South Cardiganshire Water Board meeting minutes for 28/1/1958; 21/2/1958; 26/2/1958; 21/3/1958
Strong objections to Northern Water Board, Welsh Gazette, 31/7/1958, RC363.6
Water Board seeks increase of £25,000, Welsh Gazette, 10/4/1958, RC363.6
Four weeks' steady rain needed to improve position, Cambrian News, 2/10/1959, RC363.6
Northern Water Board : Deputation to minister sought, Welsh Gazette, 5/2/1959, RC363.6
Proposed constitution of the Cardiganshire Water Board, Welsh Gazette, 6/10/1960, RC363.6
Inquiry into Country Water Board, Welsh Gazette, 2/2/1961, RC363.6
Flouride is given vote of confidence, Western Mail, 10/12/1970, RC363.6
Dry taps for West tonight, Western Mail, 27/8/1976, RC363.6
Water supplies spark town v country row, Western Mail, 7/6/1978, RC363.6
West Wales: it's running out, Western Mail, 1976, RC363.6
Water test quiz for WWA, Western Mail, 12/11/1981, RC363.6
1985 – Brown water problems
Assurances fail to allay water fears, Cardigan Tivyside, 18/10/1985, RC363.6
Brown water for the next two years, Cambrian News, 13/9/1985, RC363.6
Clean water campaign gets up stream, Cambrian News, 13/12/1985, RC363.6
Dirty water : Council wants answers, Cambrian News, 20/9/1985, RC363.6
Sediment catches Welsh Water very much unawares, Cambrian News, 16/8/1985, RC363.6
Tap water 'sickness' inquiry demanded, Western Mail, 7/12/1985, RC363.6
1986 – Brown water problems
Cork filler was the culprit, Cambrian News, 10/1/1986, RC363.6
Tainted water prompts action, Cambrian News, 28/3/1986, RC363.6
Tests had failed, say WDA, Western Mail, 4/1/1986, RC363.6
Three authorities slammed for failures over bad taste water, Cambrian News, 10/1/1986, RC363.6
Water contamination – public inquiry demanded, Cardigan Tivyside, 10/10/1986, RC363.6
Where the tea's like mountain mud, Cambrian News, 25/4/1986, RC363.6
Aluminium and lead shock in tap water, Western Mail, 5/12/1989, RC363.6
New concern over disease-linl tap water, Cambrian News, 19/1/1990, RC363.6
Cause for concern as water fails test, Cambrian News, 18/1/1991, RC363.6
Water link in cancer scare, Cambrian News, 2/12/1994, RC363.6
New probe into quality of town drinking water, Cambrian News, 13/5/1999, RC363.6

Welsh Water : Plant can treat 2.5million gallons a day, Western Mail, 16/5/1996, pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [400kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [193kb]P16(1).333WAT

Davies, Donald; Sanitation, Water and Roads, Cardigan Tivyside, 4/11/1988; 11/11/1988; 25/11/1988; 2/12/1988; 9/12/1988, P4.363.3


Photo of the members and officials of the South Cardiganshire Water Board at a Teifi Pools Scheme meeting, RC363.6
Teifi Pools Scheme splendid example of local co-operation , Welsh Gazette, 11/1961, RC363.6
Teifi Pool Scheme to be opened, RC363.6


Massive turbines are challenged, Western Mail, 4/10/1989, RC333.9
Is the wind farm row really necessary?, Cardigan Tivyside, 4/3/1994, RC333
Wind farms will only scratch the surface, Cardigan Tivyside, 11/3/1994, RC333.9
Wind power myths have fanned flames of ignorance, Cardigan Tivyside, 28/1/1994, RC333.9
Anger over council's windfarms strategy, Western Mail, 2/6/1995, RC333.9
Blowing up a national storm, Cambrian News, 19/1/1995, RC333.9
Planned turbines 'too noisy', Cambrian News, 18/8/1995, RC333.9
Sacrifice for wind power 'mistake', Western Mail, 11/12/1995, RC333.9
Wind turbines 'may kill kites', Cambrian News, 3/2/1995, RC333.9
Arguing against a windfarm on the 'hill of agitation', Cambrian News, 12/1/1996
Letters page, Cambrian News, 31/5/1996, RC333.9
Little wonder farmers are not objecting to windfarms, Cambrian News, 21/6/1996, RC333.9
MP's disingenious attempt to seize windfarm moral ground, Cambrian News, 11/7/1996, RC333.9
Turbines are not so noisy after all and neighbours say they are in favour, Western Mail, 24/6/1996, RC333.9
Windfarm claims 'incorrect', Western Mail, 27/2/1996, RC333.9
Windfarms saves us a lot of gas, Cambrian News, 11/7/1996, RC333.9
Wind turbines are 'non-polluting', Cambrian News, 24/4/1997, RC333.9
Windfarm contribution is waffle and 'tabloiditis', Cambrian News, 25/9/1997, RC333.9
Case against windfarms, pamphlet, RC333.9
Council ordered to weaken restrictions on windfarms, Cambrian News, 22/6/2000, RC333.9
Are we being selfish over wind power in Ceredigion?, Cambrian News, 9/8/2001, RC333.9
Expert warns that more turbines could be on way for mid Wales, Cambrian News, 11/1/2001, RC333.9
Put windfarms in the uplands – Plaid, Cambrian News, 8/12/2005, RC333.9

Capel Cynon Windfarm
pdficon.gif icon Capel Cynon wind farm – the 'real truths', Cambrian News, 6/6/1990 [403kb]
pdficon.gif icon New look at noise nuisance, Cambrian News, 10/11/1995 [376kb]
pdficon.gif icon Noise level probe 'no succour for opponents', Cambrian News, 29/12/1995 [394kb]
pdficon.gif icon Planners urged to reject plan, Western Mail, 30/10/1995 [254kb]
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm man objects to platform for protesters, Western Mail, 11/12/1995 [225kb]
pdficon.gif icon Beauty spot windfarm finally rejected, Western Mail, 25/5/1996 [265kb]
pdficon.gif icon Councillors' windfarm row ends in stalemate, Cardigan Tivyside, 9/5/1996 [284kb]
pdficon.gif icon Sleepless nights over 'pathetic' windmills, Cardigan Tivyside, 23/5/1996 [901kb]
Wind power at Capel Cynon, booklet pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [1.3Mb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [893kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 3 [882kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 4 [686kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 5 [906kb]pdficon.gif icon Page 6 [687kb]
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm kicked out, Cardigan Tivyside, 30/5/1996 [304kb]

Cefn Croes Windfarm (Devil's Bridge)
pdficon.gif icon Don't deface chunks of countryside, Cambrian News, 31/8/2000 [488kb]
pdficon.gif icon Letters, Cambrian News, 17/8/2000 [863kb]
pdficon.gif icon Majority decision to oppose windfarm, Cambrian News, 10/8/2000 [376kb]
pdficon.gif icon Opposition to Cefn Croes scheme mounts, Cambrian News, 7/9/2000 [841kb]
pdficon.gif icon Questions for wind developers, Cambrian News, 3/8/2000 [1.1Mb]
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm villagers to get £60,000 a year, Cambrian News, 27/7/2000 [496kb]
Cefn Croes windfarm : non technical summary, pamphlet, July 2000, RC333.9
Majority against windfarm, Cambrian News, 2/11/2000, RC333.9
New windfarm could swallow wildlife haven, Cambrian News, 11/9/1997, RC333.9
Officials urge wind objection, Cambrian News, 28/6/2001, RC333.9
Opposition to Cefn Croes scheme mounts, Cambrian News, 7/9/2000, RC333.9
Shock over windfarm approval, Cambrian News, 13/12/2001, RC333.9
There are better ways to save the planet, Cambrian News, 3/5/2001, RC333.9
Top brass reject RAF concerns over windfarm 'hazard', Cambrian News, 10/5/2001, RC333.9
Tourism chiefs see turbines as a threat, Cambrian News, 25/1/2001, RC333.9
Turbines to turn at Cefn Croes as windfarm ains approval, Cambrian News, 19/7/2001, RC333.9
Windfarm opponents gain powerful ally, Cambrian News, 2/11/2000, RC333.9
Windfarm provokes storm of protest, Cambrian News, 14/9/2000, RC333.9

St Dogmaels wind man set to generate cash, Cardigan Tivyside, 5/7/1991, P4(1).333

Cynog charts future plan for windfarms, Cambrian News, 17/9/1993 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [440kb]
Mind blowing, Wales on Sunday, 5/9/1993 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [1.2Mb]
Windfarm noise row rumbles on, Cambrian News, 27/9/1993 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [385kb]
Council cold to windfarm fight, Western Mail, 30/10/1995 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [474kb]
New look at noise nuisance, Western Mail, 10/11/1995 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [1.7Mb]
Windfarm opening gets mixed reception, Cambrian News, 9/6/1995 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [388kb]
Wind proterstors told - you're on your own, Cambrian news, 8/11/1995 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [403kb]
Noise dispute may go to Welsh Office, Western Mail, 8/1/1996 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [285kb] 
Partial dismantling of windfarm after equipment failed, Cambrian News, 17/8/2000 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [480kb] 

Mynydd Gorddu Windfarm (Bontgoch)
Blueprint fro bigger windfarm covered up, says objectors, Western Mail, 11/7/1995, P16(1).333
pdficon.gif icon Second windfarm set to turn within a year, Cambrian News, 30/12/1994 [493kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Action group fights for wind of change, Cambrian News, 15/12/1995 [352kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Battered by the storm, Cambrian News, 21/7/1995 [686kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Check windfarm noise levels demand residents, Western Mail, 22/8/1995 [337kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon New group to oppose windfarm projects, Western Mail, 15/12/1995 [433kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Villagers in angry protest to council, Cambrian News, 14/7/1995 [236kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm changes set for go ahead, Western Mail, 10/7/1995 [355kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm verdict is a bit of a blow, Cambrian News, 19/4/1996 [522kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm woes just won't stop, Cambrian News, 24/2/1995 [355kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Y gymuned i elwa, Papur Pawb, Ionawr 1995 [137kb](P16(1).333)
Astounded at windfarm plan in Dafydd ap Gwilym's land, Cambrian News, 23/2/1996, RC333.9
pdficon.gif icon Background to heated televion programme, Cambrian News, 26/12/1996 [636kb](P16(1).333)
Better a howling turbine than a bigot, Cardigan Tivyside, 26/12/1996, RC333.9
pdficon.gif icon Cynog under fire from Celt, Cambrian News, 15/3/1996 [427kb](P16(1).333)
Dr Huws will not hear his windfarm - in Caerphilly, Cambrian News, 17/5/1996, RC333.9
Dr Huws' windfarm is no mean contribution, Cambrian News, 10/5/1996, RC333.9
pdficon.gif icon Fferm wynt Mynydd Gorddu, Tincer, Chwefror, 1996 [454kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Hills are alive with the sound of anger, Cambrian News, 5/12/1996 [1.3Mb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Opponents fail to stall wind farm, Cambrian News, 21/11/1996 [1.4Mb](RC333.9)
People will flock to see Mynydd Gorddu windmills, Cambrian News, 15/3/1996, RC333.9
pdficon.gif icon Poisonous threat of windfarm, Cambrian News, 23/1/1997 [1.6Mb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Public to have say in windfarm debate, Cambrian News, 5/4/1996 [236kb](P16(1).333)
Site meeting and noise study agreed for Mynydd Gorddu development, Cambrian News, 19/4/1996, RC333.9
pdficon.gif icon Trydan o'r gwyn erbyn y Nadolig, Tincer, Ebrill 1996 [615kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Whoever owns windfactory will no stop the nuisance, C News, 4/10/1996 [963kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Wind energy scheme clears its final hurdle, Cambrian News, 19/12/1996 [511kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm could sell up, Cambrian News, 26/9/1996 [1.4Mb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm debate causing racial split, Cambrian News, 30/12/1996 [590kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm opponents threaten legal action, Cambrian News, 28/11/1996 [461kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm protesters campaigning for a reversal, Western Mail, 6/4/1996 [230kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm verdict is a bit of a blow, Cambrian News, 19/4/1996 [646kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Windfarm will hit house sales, Cambrian News, 26/1/1996 [805kb](P16(1).333)
Emotions mixed as turbines arrive at windfarm, Cambrian News, 4/12/1997, RC333.9
pdficon.gif icon Mynydd Gorddu windfarm wins High Court challenge, C News, 12/6/1997 [563kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon Opponents present letters of protest, Cambrian News, 16/1/1997 [750kb](P16(1).333)
pdficon.gif icon MP denies his loyalty to Dr Huws and to wind energy.., CN, 29/1/1998 [432kb](P16(1).333)
Opinion swings against turbines, Cambrian News, 8/1/1998, pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [1.1Mb]pdficon.gif icon Page 2 [1.4Mb]P16(1).333
pdficon.gif icon TV fuzz signals new row with holiday home owner, C News, 15/1/1998 [1.3Mb](P16(1).333)
Mystery surrounds group behind giant windfarm plan, Cambrian News, 17/1/2002, RC333.9

Nant y Moch

pdficon.gif icon 165 turbines proposed, Cambrian News, 28/6/2007 [1.5Mb]
pdficon.gif icon Protesters shout message from the mountain tops, Cambrian N, 10/3/2011 [578kb]
Windfarm protest calls for site's protection, Cambrian News, 26/4/2012 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [280kb]

pdficon.gif icon Melinau Gwynt, Gambo, Tachwedd 1994 [956kb](P42)
pdficon.gif icon Wind farm 'would slash house prices', Cardigan Tivyside, 24/11/1994 [512kb](P42)
pdficon.gif icon Sabotage at wind farm site, Cambrian News, 17/3/1995 [1.3Mb](P42)