What is the Cardigan Bay Coastal Group?

The Cardigan Bay Coastal Group was formed in 1990 to consider the best ways to tackle shoreline problems of erosion and flooding.

The Government has subsequently encouraged the setting up of Coastal Groups for the whole of the coastline of Wales and England.
This has led to the development of the shoreline management approach to coastal defence policies and associated schemes.

The Cardigan Bay Coastal Group has adapted these ideas and now operates an annual monitoring of its shoreline, supported by a computerised data base. This work is supported through grant-aid from the National Assembly for Wales.

The group meets several times a year for general information exchange and the work of the Group is summarised annually by way of a report.


word Annual Report 2006/07 :: pdf Annual Report 2006/07

word Annual Report 2005/06 :: pdf Annual Report 2005/06

word Annual Report 2004/05 :: pdf Annual Report 2004/05

word Annual Report 2003/04 :: pdf Annual Report 2003/04

word Annual Report 2002/03 :: pdf Annual Report 2002/03

word Annual Report 2001/02 :: pdf Annual Report 2001/02

web Annual Report 2001/02




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