Why do we need SMPs?


It is now generally recognised that our coast is a living and moving shoreline: weather, wind and tide are continually changing its shape. The coastal zone supports farming, fishing, recreation, tourism and natural beauty and it is a haven for wildlife. Its varied character and its variety of attractions hold special appeal for those who visit for the day or on holiday. The SMP approach to coastal defence builds on our knowledge of the coastal environment and takes account of the wide range of public interests. This is vital if piecemeal attempts to protect one area at the expense of another are to be avoided.

How will the Shoreline Management Plans be used?

To improve our understanding of coastal processes.

To work in partnership with all interested organisations and the public.

To prepare a setting for the long term planning of coastal defences and associated land use.

SMPs guide coastal defence managers actions for the foreseeable future.
SMPs inform the public of the future intentions for coastal defence in their local area.
SMPs also indicate areas on the coast that are inappropriate for various types of development.


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