Rules and guidance on 6 and 20 day standstills & exemptions.

Sheep / goats / cattle

Any part of a premise, including all those under the same management and control as well as those included in a Sole Occupancy Authority, in receipt of an animal renders the whole premises subject to the 6-day standstill unless an exemption applies. The 6-day standstill begins with day 1 the day following the arrival of any animal. Therefore if an animal arrives on Monday, day 1 is Tuesday and day 6 is Sunday. You will be free to move after the 6th day, which in this case would be Monday.


The movement of a pig onto premises will trigger a 20 day standstill on any pigs, and 6 day standstill on sheep, cattle or goats on those premises. The movement of cattle, sheep or goats onto premises on which one or more pigs is kept will trigger a 6 day standstill on those pigs.


Movements to slaughter

Animals may move off premises direct to a slaughterhouse, slaughter collecting centre, dedicated slaughter collection or dedicated slaughter market irrespective of whether livestock have moved onto those premises in the previous 6 days (or 20 days for any pig on a holding onto which other pigs have been moved). From a dedicated slaughter market or dedicated slaughter collection, no animal may return to its premises of origin or move to any premises other than a slaughterhouse. With 'dedicated slaughter markets' you need to check the 'status' of the market, if you wish to take advantage of this exemption. You cannot move slaughter animals to a 'mixed' store and slaughter livestock market if you are under a standstill because of the presence of the 'store animals at the market.

Sole Occupancy Authorities (SOAs)

Movements between premises linked by a SOA approved by the DVM will not trigger a standstill on the premises of destination and need not respect any standstill at the premises of departure. But movements onto any of the SOA premises from outside that linked group of premises will prevent movements off any of the SOA premises to premises not linked by the SOA for 6 days (or 20 days for any pigs on a holding onto which pigs are moved) unless some other exemption is applicable.

Isolation Unit

Any Isolation unit needs to be approved by DEFRA

Isolation Units may only be used for:-

  • Breeding Pigs – Declaration required
  • Breeding Goats – Declaration required
  • Breeding Rams (From 1st August to 30th November each year) – Declaration required
  • Breeding Bulls (From 1st August to 30th November each year) – Declaration required
  • Show Animals (movements to or from shows) – Declaration form not needed for this

If using an isolation unit for the purpose of six day standstill exemption a declaration form must be completed. Declaration forms and full details of the standstill rules are available from the Downloads tab. Alternatively you contact us on (01545) 572275 and we will post some to you. Completed declaration forms should be forwarded to us attached to the AML movement licence.


The return of tack sheep to the premises of origin triggers the 6 day standstill on that premises. I would like to remind you that the 6-day standstill applies to tack sheep as well as any other livestock on the premises and you should therefore ensure that these animals are not collected from your premises whilst a standstill is in force.

The Disease Control (Wales) Order 2003 allows you to move animals under a General Licence. It is a condition of that licence that all other legislation must be complied with. Failure to comply could result in the suspension of the General Licence, which would require you to apply in writing for an individual licence before moving any animals.