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Delivery Agreement and Review Report for the Local Development Plan (LDP) Review and preparation of Replacement Plan


Before substantial work starts on a replacement LDP - the Local Planning Authority (the Authority) must prepare and publish a Review Report and prepare and agree with the Welsh Government

In line with national regulations and guidance, the DA must consist of a:

  • community involvement scheme (CIS); and
  • timetable for plan preparation and adoption.

The Review Report identifies a need for full review of the Plan, including Plan Strategy and an extension of the Plan period. It sets out the extent of changes required to the LDP, recognising that there will be Development Management policies and Land Use policies currently proving effective in managing development in the county that will require minor modification only.

The recommended changes have been informed by the findings of preceding Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs), updates to the evidence base and ongoing surveys.

The fourth Annual Monitoring Report for the Ceredigion Local Development Plan (LDP) 2007 - 2022 was submitted to the Welsh Government on 31 October 2017.

The Authority would welcome comment or observations from you on the Review Report and / or the draft Delivery Agreement, prior to submission of the DA for confirmation by the Welsh Ministers.

Any such comments should be sent by e-mail to<> or in writing to

Planning Policy
Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion
SA46 0PA

by no later than Midday on the 14th December 2017.

Delivery Agreement Consultation

Review Report Consultation