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Glass Collection Trial


​Ceredigion County Council is reviewing the way it collects waste and recycling from the kerbside. Options include a service that would provide a kerbside collection of glass. In order to fully consider the options a glass collection trial is necessary so that we can collect robust data.

The glass trial will be carried out on the Penparc and North Cardigan collection route where the waste is collected on a Friday. This particular collection route has been specifically chosen as a monitoring area since November 2014 as it is fairly representative of the situation across Ceredigion.

In order to provide the trial as cost effectively as possible we are working with our colleagues in Pembrokeshire County Council, who have kindly offered to help us. The boxes, collection vehicle and driver will be provided by Pembrokeshire. However, most of the crew working on the vehicle are Ceredigion County Council staff members. As the trial area is located near the border with Pembrokeshire it is an ideal area to trial the service and to collaborate with our neighbouring authority.

By conducting a glass trial in this area it will help give us a clearer picture on what would happen within Ceredigion as a whole if we were able to roll the service out county wide. The trial will be conducted for an initial period of 6 months.

If you have any queries or questions about the trial please contact Ceredigion County Council by phone on 01545 572572 or by email

Question and Answer

​1. Why have residents in Cardigan and Penparc been given Pembrokeshire County Council branded boxes when we live in Ceredigion and why is the collection service being provided by a Pembrokeshire lorry?

The glass collection trial is being provided by working in partnership with Pembrokeshire County Council. Through this arrangement it has been possible to share and provide resources in a very cost effective way.

2. Is the service being provided by Pembrokeshire or Ceredigion County Council employees?

As the lorry comes from Pembrokeshire on a Friday once a fortnight, the driver is a Pembrokeshire County Council employee. However the loaders on the vehicle are members of Ceredigion County Council waste collection team.

3. What can we put into the box for recycling?

Empty glass bottles and jars of all colours, shapes and sizes. There is no need to remove labels, lids, corks or bottle tops.

4. What can’t we put into the box for recycling?

Any type of glass that is not a bottle or jar i.e. pyrex containers, drinking glasses, spectacles, window glass, glass ornaments, glass chopping boards or light bulbs.

5. Do I need to take the lids/tops off the glass bottles and jars?

There is no need to remove lids/tops from glass bottles and jars.

6. Do I need to take the labels off the bottles and jars?

There is no need to remove labels from glass bottles and jars.

7. Why have some people been given glass boxes in Cardigan/Penparc and we haven’t?

The properties that have been given a box for collecting their glass for recycling are included in a trial for a glass collection. The trial is limited to just a small area (one refuse collection route). This particular route was chosen because data has been collected here since November 2014 (how many properties recycle and how much of each material is collected, by weight). The data collected from the glass trial will help the Council understand how such a service would affect other parts of the kerbside collection.

8. When are we going to get a glass collection?

The data collected from the trial area will be used as part of an ongoing review into the way waste is collected in Ceredigion.  Once the review is complete residents will be informed of the outcome and provided with information regarding any changes that might need to take place.

9. Does the glass collected actually get recycled, because they use the same lorry for collecting refuse?

The lorry from Pembrokeshire, which is being used for the trial, is split into two compartments. The back of the lorry will hold all of the black bags. At the front of the lorry there is a pod where the glass will be kept separate from the black bags. This pod is loaded from the side of the vehicle instead of the back.

10. How long is the glass collection trial going to last?

The initial trial will begin on 9th September 2016 and will run for approx. 6 months.

11. What is going to happen once the trial finishes – will the glass collection continue?

This is dependent on the outcome of the trial. The data gathered will form decisions regarding the future of waste collection services with a view of maintaining and developing on Ceredigion’s excellent recycling rates. This could well include the establishment of a glass collection service across the County!

12. What happens if I lose or damage my box, or I need an additional box?

Please contact Ceredigion County Council on 01545 572572.

13. How can I find out if I should be part of the glass collection trial?

Please contact Ceredigion County Council on 01545 572572.