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Children and Young People


Our Children and Young People are extremely important to the communities of Ceredigion, and to those who organise and provide services for them.

In order to plan services efficiently for Children and Young People, the agencies in Ceredigion get together in a number of statutory partnerships. The main leadership team with overarching responsibility is the Public Services Board (PSB). The PSB Executive Group for Children and Young People is the body which undertakes detailed planning and monitoring on behalf of the PSB.

The PSB Executive Group for Children and Young People works to the following agreed Vision Statement:

'We will actively work together to safeguard and improve opportunities for all children, young people and families, to enjoy life, learn, thrive, and grow into healthy, confident and capable citizens.'

The purpose of these pages is to provide detailed information for those who are interested in the purpose, make up, function and plans of the  PSB Executive Group for Children and Young People as well as to provide information on other important strategies that aim to deliver coordinated services for Children and Young People in Ceredigion.

As well as a Children and Young People's Service Providers Forum, there are a number of core aim groups that sit beneath the PSB Executive Group for Children and Young People.

You will also find other useful documents which records the work of the Group, which includes some of its assessments, agreed strategies and minutes of meetings.

Please note - The PSB Executive Group for Children and Young People was previously known as the 'Children and Young People's Partnership'.

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For further information please contact the following officers:
Name: Amy Jones
Title: Children and Young People’s Partnership and Participation Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01545 574185

Meinir Paske
Senior Administrative Officer

Name: Alun Williams
Head of Policy Support
01545 574115