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Central Creditor Payments Team


There is a small, dedicated, specialist team of officers who are responsible for the making of payments to all the Council’s suppliers and contractors.

Invoices are received, checked and authorised for payment and inputted on to the Creditor Payments System by staff in various departments.  These invoices are then included in the next payment run (usually on a Wednesday or a Friday).

The BACS payment is transferred directly to the suppliers’ bank account (two working days after the payment run) and the electronic remittance advice is e-mailed.  Printed remittances are being replaced by an electronic remittance.

Cheques are printed and despatched from our offices in Aberystwyth, however, the Council is phasing out cheque payments.  All payments are now paid via BACS to suppliers.

If you are currently paid by cheque, you will need to provide your bank details to receive all future payments by BACS.

Please contact the Central Creditor Payments Team to switch from cheque to BACS payment as follows:

Fax:                    01970 633152
Telephone:        01970 633151 during usual office hours 09:00 to 17:00 (16:30 on Friday)      

It is estimated that some 400 creditor cheque payments and 36,000 BACS payments will be made to suppliers in the current financial year.